Types Of Extending Tables And Whats Best For Me?

Posted Monday 6th January 2020 11:39

Why Should You Have An Extending Table?

In order to find out what extending table is best for you, we should firstly look at why you should go for an extending table in the first place. There are many positives in having an extending table over the more traditional fixed leg tables. It allows you to easily transform your dining table to the size you need. By maintaining the smaller size for everyday use and extending it when you have guests, you save on valuable space whilst being able to accommodate for more people then normal. Yes, you may find that 9 times out of 10, your extendable table will not be extended but you’ll be kicking yourself for not having one when you host the next Christmas dinner and you need to buy an extra table or mess about brining another table in to make up for the loss of seating. Overall with an extending table, you are getting 2 tables for the price of 1 so they are great value for money and are perfect for making the most of your space....

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